I am a blogging failure…

This is why I haven’t been posting… honest.

Well, it’s been a little while since my last (and first!) post, despite my very best intentions to faithfully (and relatively frequently) document my sewing exploits. I am a little disappointed. BUT! I have an absolutely CAST-IRON excuse! A couple of days after my blog post, I woke up to find that I’d managed to trap a nerve in my shoulder (for the second time in a year!).

So, I spent the next week lying around with my arm in the air, as this is the only position that freed the nerve up enough so that it didn’t feel like my arm was on fire. (I liked to imagine I was a Victorian lady in a swoon!) Then I admitted to myself that it wasn’t about to get any better on its own, and headed off to the doctor who, fortunately, immediately put me on some industrial strength painkillers, and after a few days of waiting for them to kick in, my sewing projects began again! S.l.o.w.l.y.

Especially to begin with, I could only manage sewing for about an hour at a time before it became really uncomfortable, or my arm stopped working altogether. Fortunately, I’d decided to attempt a project that I knew I wouldn’t want to rush, and at the same time, tick off one of my ‘to-do’s for 2012 – sewing with jersey/knits. I also knew that I wanted to make something very plain, that I would actually wear on a regular basis, and that I could coordinate with some of my other me-made items.

I already had a ton of plain black jersey that I’d bought when I’d first started sewing, in the vague, but TOTALLY misguided idea that I’d just be able to ‘whip up’ a black jersey dress. Needless to say this did not end up happening, and the fabric has been hanging around in my stash since then. So, I decided to use the fabric with a tried and tested pattern: the Sewaholic Pendrell Blouse, and over the next few days I slowly but surely constructed it.

Now, I’ve been scared of working with knits since I first bought that fabric, cut into it and found that it rolled in on itself, it wouldn’t stay put and seemed to stretch out at the least provocation. This time around, whether it was because my SKILLZ had come on so much, or whether it was just that time had taught me not to rush, but…. I really didn’t find sewing with jersey all that difficult. I just made sure not to pull at it as it went under the foot, and made sure I used a ballpoint needle and the stretch stitch on my machine, and it was fine. The only time I had any problems at all was with the ruffling on the sleeves, and this was just a problem with me being an idiot, rather than a problem with the fabric.

I’m pretty happy with the outcome really. I’m especially proud of making myself something in jersey but the fact that it’s wearable is a total bonus. Having said that, I really should have paid more attention to the fact that Tasia herself mentions that the top ‘does feel a bit larger in a knit fabric, because of the stretch and weight of the fabric’ and sure enough, I feel like mine is a bit bigger than I’d like. It looks pretty good as a belted tunic (although, I have no photos so you’ll just have to take my word for it!) and I like the tucked-in look I’m sporting here, but I’ve tried it as a part of my usual ‘jeans, t-shirt and cardigan’ combo, and it looks baggy and formless. Although, I guess I’m trying to get away from that look anyway, so that shouldn’t be considered a bad thing! 

Taking these photographs was a pretty rough experience, as I actually HATE having my photograph taken, and although Mr Cuckoo kindly offered to play photographer, it took a lot longer than either of us had really anticipated… mostly due to my increasing horror and discomfort at the resulting photographs. I don’t know how to pose, I don’t know how to stand, and I pretty much hate all photographs that have me in them. I can only hope that this part of the blogging process gets easier with time! (Seriously, I was so wrung out and grumpy after this that Mr Cuckoo took me out for Sunday lunch to try to cheer me up!) The photographs DID give me an opportunity to document my most successful me-made item so far, this black and white skirt (which is also a sewaholic pattern!) that I made during the sewalong and finished in MAY last year. I also realised that the lack of colour in this outfit is pretty much indicative of the contents of my entire wardrobe. Another item on the 2012 to-do list: sew with more colour!!


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