Japanese Chocolate Banana Cup Cakes!!

Okay…what happened to January?? I know people say this a lot, ‘Oh how the time flies!’ etc, etc, but SERIOUSLY!!

Having said that, I’m quite happy to have January under my belt. It didn’t really do very well by me to be honest… it was a super long financial month (over six and a half weeks with one paycheck) so things were pretty lean post-Christmas, I trapped a nerve in my shoulder, and my laptop totally fell out with me (we are now barely on speaking terms!!)

So, in order to start February off with a bang (umm… hopefully not literally, but with the state of the wiring in the Victorian building we live in, it’s not out of the question!!), Mr Cuckoo and I finally caved and bought ourselves a microwave. We’d held off buying one since we moved in 3 and a half years ago, since there’s not a lot of space in our kitchen, but after so many occasions when one would have been very useful, we admitted to ourselves that we should probably MAKE space. (The straw that broke the camel’s back was on Christmas day, when Mr Cuckoo realised that, with no microwave, he would need to steam the Christmas pudding for over two hours! A hissy fit ensued. It was funny.)

As a little start-of-February treat, Mr Cuckoo set up the microwave, and I brought out this bad boy:

It was one of the many things my brother brought back for me on his last trip to Japan. Cup Cakes. Microwave baked cup cakes. Awesome. Only, y’know, I didn’t have a microwave. So I knew that when we finally got one, this would be one of the first things I’d make in it. 
The front tells the ‘how-to’ pretty clearly. There’s an egg with a 1 on it, there’s a microwave with a 2 on it… I had a quick look at the back, but my Japanese reading leaves a lot to be desired, (I don’t know any kanji at all really, so I didn’t stand a chance). Still, there was an interesting banana related suggestion:
Which then got me thinking that there was no reason that you couldn’t add something other than banana… like cocoa. In fact, you could add banana AND cocoa. So I did.

I mixed in the egg and cocoa powder, which proved to be a lot more difficult than I’d expected. At first, nothing seemed to be combining at all, and then it turned into this really viscous liquid that was really hard to stir, but eventually I ended up with a batter-like consistency. Then I cut up a little bit of banana onto the top and stuck it in the microwave for two minutes. I was SO SURPRISED when the cake started rising further up the mug. I guess I hadn’t really expected it to work!!

It took both me and Mr Cuckoo about a minute to eat them. They were still a bit gooey on the top, and super chocolatey and yummy. I’ll definitely try to make my own at some point. But thanks to my brother for the long-deferred treat!
Just in case you think I haven’t been doing any sewing, and so am just blogging about a cup cake I made to get out of admitting it, you’re only half right. I’ve been doing a little bit of sewing on my Minoru jacket. I’m still not totally caught up, (still sewing the zip into the collar!) which is entirely the fault of my stupid lining material which was so slippery and thin and impossible to work with that it took me absolutely hours, with a lot of swearing and second tries to cut out. 
I’ve tried to photograph both the wool that I bought for the outer, and the lining together, but it’s quite hard to take a really good photo of the lining. It’s actually a second hand sari I bought in one of the charity shops in town. It cost me £8, and is 45″ wide and there’s five and a half metres of it, so I thought it was a pretty good deal. It’s an aqua-like blue, with little daisies on it, and a black and coloured border at the sides. There’s also this lovely kind of leaf print woven into it almost, so there are shiny leaves all over the fabric. Sorry about the quality of this photo, but it’s the only one that managed to capture the leaves at all.
I’m also planning on posting photos of Meringue skirt as soon as possible. The weather has been so cold and snowy and icy though, that I haven’t really been wearing it all that much lately. Of course, I’m now totally behind on the Pastille dress of the Sew Colette sewalong too. Sarah has been talking about her croquis, and alterations to the pattern, and I’m still thinking about what fabric to use, and whether I can try to ‘shop my stash’ as Sarai suggests!
I only hope things settle down around here a little bit, because I have so many projects I want to spend more time on!!

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