A Super-Slacker’s Attempt at Meringue

I finally got around to photographing my Meringue skirt, the first pattern in the Sew Colette sewalong. (SHOCKING, I know. We won’t even mention my progress on the next pattern, the Pastille. I got sidetracked… to my shame) I ummed and ahhed for ages about the Meringue. It’s probably the only pattern in the Colette Handbook that I wasn’t 100% sure about. It’s those scallops. I think they’re really cute and a nice idea to make the skirt interesting, but still keeping the pattern simple. The problem is, I’m not sure those scallops are very me. I’m not really a scallop girl… or at least not yet, I feel like they’re too girly for me somehow.

Then I saw that Sarai had posted a variation of the meringue where she had done exactly what I wanted to do, and get rid of the scallops, and I figured, if it’s alright with her, then that’s what I’ll do, so off they came! I actually made this skirt up to wear to a friend’s Burns night celebration last month, but just never got around to having photos taken (too busy eating tons of haggis and drinking more single malt than is advisable). So, I made it out of some nice blue tartan that I actually bought to make Mr Cuckoo some pajamas for Christmas, and decided to make the skirt out of the remnants (I also made him a cravat out of the same material, so we co-ordinated on Burns night. I really am that geeky.) 

I finally got Mr Cuckoo to take some photos, including one of me out and about in it after we’d gone shopping, and then regretted it. I didn’t think to take a photograph until we were getting back to the car, so he took the photo in the car park of the shopping centre, and I was freaking out so much about the idea of people watching us, I ended up pulling some seriously weird faces. This was the only one that was kind of salvageable:
I’m a little bit sad that I couldn’t get the tartan to line up on the front and back of the skirt, because I do think this gives it away as a home sewn skirt, and I was ready to call it unsuccessful (although I did still plan on wearing it for Burns night) but nobody noticed, and someone actually asked me where I got it from, so I decided to give it another couple of wears before deciding one way or another.
I’m pretty happy with the overall fit of the skirt though, and will definitely make it again. I might tack down the facings though, since (as you can see in the photos) they do tend to roll over a bit!

It does look a little bit strange from the back, but this is a lesson in remembering to pull up my tights before taking photos! It is a bit rumpled too, but I guess that comes from wearing it all day!
I think this is going to be one of those patterns that I’ll end up making over and over in tons of different fabrics and styles, and love every one of them! 
So far, so good on the Sew Colette front. (now I just need to do something more than PLAN my Pastille dress! In my defense, I really have been busy…umm… sewing other stuff. I am so easily distracted.)

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