Me-Made-May’12: Completed!

So! Guess what I did last month?!?!

I know, I know. I’m late. A lot late. I’m definitely struggling to find time to blog on top of the rest of my crazy life, but I’m not quite willing to give up on this yet! I just need to streamline things…. or something.

ANYWAY. Part of my Me Made May pledge was to blog about MMM12. And so, that’s what I’m doing! ‘Better late than never’ I always say! (Y’know. Because I’m always late!)

So, since I’m getting to this so late, I’m just going to do an overall evaluation and just move on. Who wants to linger on their failures, I ask you? Okay. So, I didn’t fail, in that I DID wear something me-made for the entirety of May, but I realised about halfway through that, due to the woeful lack of variety in my clothing, the photographs were pretty much documenting the same outfits over and over again. At which point, the hassle of taking photos of my ugly mug on a daily basis just did NOT seem worth it. Also, I got sick at the very beginning of May and it just took weeks before I felt even remotely normal.

OKAY. Enough excuses!! (although there are so many more excuses I could give!! It was definitely an eventful month!!) Now for some photos and my thoughts on the overall experience!

 First impressions: apart from the really bad quality photos, (and they’re unlikely to get much better when you’ve only got your mobile phone camera, so we’ll just sweep those problems aside eh? There’s no point in thinking how wonderful it would be to have a DSLR!) the first thing I notice is how DARK all my outfits are! The second set of photos are by far the most colourful outfits I wore throughout the entire month of May, and quite honestly, looking at these photos on a daily basis really shocked me! I had NO IDEA that I was such a misery-guts (as my mother would say) Although I have to be fair, and say that some of these outfits might have looked a little better if I had managed to fix the exposure/temperature etc.

I also realised (although this isn’t really represented very well by my lack-lustre attempts at creating photo collages in picmonkey!) that I had more me-made skirts than anything else. So, on a positive note, MMM forced me to wear them a lot more often than I normally would.  Unfortunately, I’m still not really that comfortable wearing skirts, and it became obvious that some of the skirts I had just aren’t really… ME. A few ended up either on their way to the charity shop, or back into my refashioning bag to see if anything can be done with them.

Right. So, that was my very quick run-through of  my thoughts on MMM. 

So, coming out of the other side of it, I made three sewing related resolutions:

  1. Sew more colourful clothing. Reds, greens, purples, maybe even YELLOW?!?! But no more blacks or navys.
  2. No more instant gratification skirts. If I decide to sew a skirt, it has to be well thought through, practical, and LINED.
  3. Work on taking photos of my creations, and tweaking them after the fact.
And so, I have now blogged about MMM12. I have officially successfully done what I pledged to do! Phew! Now I can relax, stop beating myself up about being a failure (well, about this at least, there’s always something to make myself feel guilty about!), have myself a nice glass of wine and get lost in a good book!

(Current read: The Life of Pi by Yann Martel)


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