Project: Declutter!


I remember watching a home improvement programme a while ago (I LOVE them. A friend was really pleased when she learned this because she thought it was a previously unknown ‘girlie’ quality in me, until she realised that I liked the power tools and carpentry and what not. Seriously LOVE THEM. When I was about 11 years old there was a three day marathon of ‘This Old House: with Steve and Norm’ on the Discovery Home and Leisure channel over the Christmas period, and my brother and I spent the entire time fixated. It was awesome. I was convinced I was going to build my own house about two days in. Oh… er. Where was I?)

I mean, just LOOK at these guys! Oh Norm, let’s dovetail some joints together! 
So ANYWAY, I was watching this home improvement programme, and one of the irritating designers was going on and on about the storage system she was going to devise for the house (it was terrible if I remember) and she said ‘Because after all, you OWN your possessions, but if your possessions get out of hand, they can end up owning you.’ At which point I may have spent five minutes berating the woman on television for coming out with such tripe. What nonsense. Your possessions ‘owning’ you my ASS.
Ahem. Fast forward a couple of years, and I begin to see a pattern. Approximately once every fortnight, I have a little hissy fit (generally located in the dining room, where all my sewing paraphernalia is located) about ‘the amount of CRAP that is accumulating in this house’. Y’see, before I started sewing, we only really had two things that cluttered up our house: 1) Books (this would be primarily be my fault – three are three second hand bookshops in our neighbourhood!) 2) Mr Cuckoo’s ever increasing collection of musical instruments. But, well. Now I’ve started crafting, more and more and more stuff is taking over our house. Three sewing machines, and fabric and notions and yarn and needles and piles of clothes to be refashioned or fixed for people and BOOKS about sewing and knitting and crocheting. And unfortunately, as I got into sewing, Mr Cuckoo (and a few others we’re friends with) got into brewing real ale. And BELIEVE ME, there’s lots MORE crap that comes with brewing. You’d think we were alcoholics with the amount of beer bottles hanging round our house.
It’s not all just hobby clutter though, the truth is that we’ve never really been very good at y’know…. minimalism. And we’ve been so SO busy lately that there hasn’t really been any time for organising, or having a good clean out or spring cleaning or ANYTHING to be perfectly frank.
And so, a couple of weeks ago, I found myself mid-hissy-fit saying to Mr Cuckoo ‘I don’t know about you but I feel as though all this crap is in control, like it OWNS me or something!’ Yeah. I said it. And what’s worse, I TOTALLY MEANT IT. I took this as a call for drastic measures!
So, inspired by Peter’s recent series of The Daily Ditch, and athriftymrs’s 30 Day Declutter last year, I have decided to implement a new project. Project: Declutter the Cuckoo Clock! 
And so, after the success (HA!) of Me-Made May, starting at the beginning of July, I will be making sure to get rid of 31 items of clutter in our house, 1 for every day of the month. The only real rule is that they have to be gone from the house by the time August rolls around. I’m not going to promise to get rid of one thing a day, because as I discovered with Me-Made May, there’s no way I’ll remember on a daily basis, and if I do, I’ll just end up super grumpy!
And after a month, I’ve no doubt my cluttered little cuckoo clock will be like this (complete with new balcony and view and everything! WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS?!?!?!):

One thought on “Project: Declutter!

  1. Ack! The hobby-related clutter! I so desperately wish I couldn't relate, but… we just moved, and it's really highlighted how much crap we have! I've now accumulated a horrifying amount of fabric and yarn, plus the sewing machine and serger, not to mention how many books, DVDs, and records we own. Plus, we've got sporting equipment out the wazoo (skis, hockey equipment, ice skates, tennis racquets, golf clubs, footballs), and my husband is a video editor and sound recordist, so he has techy equipment and a full editor's suite all crammed into our NYC apartment! It's truly awful! We've got boxes, bags, and stacks of stuff everywhere, and our unpacking process has been so slow since we don't have anywhere to put the stuff! Long story short, I feel your pain! Ugh!!


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