Musings on Productivity! (AKA, why I’m such a terrible blogger)

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So, it’s August. How’d that happen?

Well, I mean, I know HOW, but I find it so difficult to believe that so much time has passed so quickly.

I really need to sit down and work out a way of carving out a little bit of time here and there to work on this blog, because despite appearances, it really IS something I want to work on.

I just DON’T understand where people get the time to whiz through sewing projects so quickly, and THEN blog about them, complete with lovely sets of photographs!

I’ve always had a pretty full diary, but this summer just seems to be even busier than usual! I’ve been trying so hard to fit everything in, but, inevitably, something has got to give. And that has been sewing, or, when I DO sew, I definitely don’t have the time to blog about it!

On a typical day, I work from 8-5(ish – depending on what the workload is like), walk home, immediately get changed into kickboxing gear, drive to kickboxing, sessions are  6-7:15, get home at about 7:40, have a shower, get changed, make dinner, eat dinner with Mr Cuckoo and watch an episode of a TV series (currently A Game of Thrones) by which time it’s generally 9:30 if not later, and then if I’m really REALLY good (so about once or twice a week!), I’ll maybe do an hour or so of sewing before dragging myself off to bed to read for half an hour or so. It’s pretty much like this Monday to Friday, except that on Tuesdays and Fridays I’ll do an exercise class instead of kickboxing (my shins can’t take that kind of punishment 5 times a week!).

At weekends,  at least two out of every four weekends we’re either visiting friends and family, or have them visiting us, or going down to Wales surfing, which massively hampers my weekend sewing time too. And so, what little sewing time I DO have, I spend sewing, and not blogging.

I’ve recently made another Sorbetto (and spent quite a while working on a FBA for it that works for me, still not got it down perfectly yet!) and re-made a skirt that I wasn’t happy with, and made two hooded towel ponchos for our recently married friends, for surfing trips. And a totally useless attempt at a dress that just ended up in the scrap pile. I have not had the time to blog about ANY of them.

I also have a list as long as my arm of things that I’d really like to try to make for myself. Mr Cuckoo and I have booked our first summer holiday in years – we’re off to Sri Lanka surfing in September/October for two weeks, and I’d really like to work on some shorts and dresses for the trip. I also have things I want to try to make for other people: a shirt for Mr Cuckoo, a birthday present for one of my friends, a christening present for a friend’s little boy (we can’t make the christening, we’re in Sri Lanka), and some newborn stuff for my nephew, who is now overdue – Mr Cuckoo and I are on constant duty now for labour emergencies, as my brother works two hours away.

I want to look THIS cool in Sri Lanka!

I calculate that I have maybe three free weekends until we head off to Sri Lanka, if I’m lucky. It’s silly I know, but I feel so GRUMPY that life is getting in the way of my ability to work on my hobbies. I’ve had to sit down and admit that at the moment, exercising is more of a priority to me than sewing, as I want to make sure I’m nice and fit for our surfing holiday (and, I’m not going to lie, I’m slightly intimidated by the prospect on surfing in just a bikini – in Wales it’s wetsuits all the time, the water is FREEZING!)

I’m definitely going to try harder to fit in sewing here and there – even if only half an hour a day, surely it will all add up! In the meantime, I could probably manage a bit more blogging if I could work on finishing work at a reasonable time – say four o’clock. Then I’d have an hour or so before kickboxing.

I just wish I knew how all my favourite bloggers seem to stay so PRODUCTIVE!


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