Lucky find!
(also a chance to mess around with Instagram on my new iphone 4!)

Look what happened to end up on my sewing table, just in time for a bank holiday weekend up to my ears in sewing (I hope!)? LUCKY! Mr Cuckoo’s parents came down for the day to visit, and one of the things they like to do when visiting is to have a mosey ’round the parade of shops at the end of our road. They’re mostly charity shops, deli’s, cafés, bars and second hand bookshops….

Normally, Mr Cuckoo and I are really strict about not allowing ourselves to go into the second hand bookshops, as we have no more space for books, and we find it totally impossible to part with the books that we do own. As I’ve already mentioned more than once, our house is getting to breaking point clutter-wise, so this rule is there for a good reason!

But today, I allowed myself to break it when I found this copy of Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. I’ve wanted it ever since Gertie mentioned it as number 2 on the list of her sewing library, and there have been a few times that I nearly ordered it from Amazon or Alibris on a whim, but then thought it would be better to ask for it either for Christmas or a birthday. So when it caught my eye in the Age Concern bookshop, as I was trying hard to mooch around not looking at anything in particular (one of my coping mechanisms for spending time in a bookshop NOT buying books), I POUNCED. It took me a minute to pluck up to courage to have a look inside – if it was too expensive I knew it would be a wrench to put it down again – and what did I see?

Yes. That’s right. £2.75. For the 1978 edition. When I was looking at buying a copy from Alibris for about £15 plus P&P. I fairly sprinted to the counter, bought it, and immediately sat down at one of the tables in the shop to start browsing the section on bound buttonholes (still scare the crap out of me, but I just love to look at them… one day I’ll give them a go!) A lady came in a few minutes later and showed an alarming amount of interest in the book. I had to produce this receipt to PROVE to her I’d bought it already.(HA! That’ll show you, pushy lady!) In the end Mr Cuckoo had to come and find me to let me know they were leaving.

I spent the rest of the day feeling a little distracted by having to… y’know, ENTERTAIN folks, and eat dinner (rabbit stew! Thanks Mr Cuckoo!) and sit and drink wine whilst putting the world to rights (torture, I know!), because really, all I wanted to do was sit and peruse my new sewing tome.

And now the visitors have headed home, I’m going to curl up in bed with my new lucky find (Yeah, I’m so cool… I really know how to go wild on a Saturday night.)

This weekend officially rules!


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