Dazed and Sunburnt


As I’m writing this, I’m lazing back in a deckchair on the porch of our little beach cabana in Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka, hiding from the midday sun. Seriously, it’s dangerous to be out and about in the Sri Lankan sun between the hours of 11 and 2. We learnt this the hard way on our very first day here, when (wearing factor 50 sun cream!) we decided to wander up and down the beach to get our bearings for an hour or so, and discovered that evening that our shoulders and necks were lobster red. We haven’t made that mistake again!

I brought my laptop with me, thinking that two weeks away from everything would be the perfect opportunity to do some blogging, but to be honest, it’s so hot here that I’m pretty wiped out, all the time! We’re managing to get some good surfing practice in (although I’m still pretty terrible, much to my chagrin!) but the rest of the time has been dedicated to lounging around in the sun when we can stand the heat, reading, eating and drinking large, very alcoholic cocktails for bewilderingly low prices. It’s a tough life!

Fishing boats and jungle!

I’ve been trying to keep up with my blogroll, as we do have wireless internet here, but it’s slow, and tends to drop off at inconvenient times, and so I’ve currently got a list of 327 posts to catch up on. Part of me thinks I shouldn’t really be spending my holiday time reading blog posts, since I know I can do that at home, but hey, it’s my holiday after all, so I guess I can do what I want! And really, some of the blog posts I have read have really inspired me! I’m loving all the autumn inspired posts!

I guess I’m really late to this party, because I haven’t hit any kind of autumn yet, but there’s something about a permanently sweat-beaded upper lip that really makes you long for crisp autumn weather, and cozy slippers and some knitting of an evening. Not to say that I’m not enjoying my time in the scorching sun, it’s amazing here, but it’s also making me look forward to cooler weather, as opposed to resenting it like I normally would, considering the pathetic ‘summer’ we had in the UK this year. Anyway, seeing all the lovely autumnal sewing and knitting and crafting and cooking projects have really got my attention, and have really reinvigorated my sewing mojo, which has been a little lacklustre recently. I LOVE Karen’s knitted mittens, and I’m definitely thinking this will be my first knitting project when I get home. I’ve crocheted quite a few pairs of mittens in my time, but I think this will be a good way of getting me back into knitting, since I’m not very good.

I’m currently crushing on ALL of the Deer&Doe patterns and got into a bit of frenzy of ‘must buy! must buy!’ when I saw paunnet’s amazing version of the Belladone dress! Oh my goodness, how cute is that dress? The polka dots! The pink bias tape! And it fits her so well! Want Want Want. I really just want to buy every single one of the patterns, but I don’t think my finances could take that kind of hit, especially as I would THEN have to go out and buy fabric for them! I also really want the new Tiramisu dress pattern from Cake and definitely think I will be buying this as soon as we get back to the UK. So by the time I was catching up on lladybird’s recent Thurlow jeans and Alma blouse AND Renfrew t-shirt… well. I was pretty much frothing at the mouth! AND she’s hosting a Thurlow sewalong! Be still my beating heart!! I am IN. I bought the pattern thinking that I’d make myself some shorts to take away with me, but y’know how it goes. That didn’t happen.  Not a lot of sewing did happen.

BUT! Some sewing happened! And I’ve even gone and taken photographs and everything, so I can FINALLY write a blog post about a finished item! I’m hoping to get it finished and uploaded tomorrow!

Right… now the weather has cooled off a little, I think I’ll go get me one of those massive cocktails with a little umbrella in it… all this thinking about productivity has totally tired me out!


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