FINISHED: Hot Pink Lonsdale! And Bonus Beach Bag.

See?? Finished item! Worn! Blogged!

I’m actually standing in our open-air shower here, it was one of the few places that got
the right kind of light to take photos. Everywhere else was too bright.

The funny pose is because I’m looking at a weird bird in this one. I quite liked the way
the dress looks, so I’ve kept it, even though my expression is a bit odd..

Yep. Still lookin’

So, AGES ago, I decided that I wanted to make the Lonsdale dress for a friend’s wedding, and so I rummaged around in my stash and found some hot pink and white paisley patterned cotton to use for the muslin. I remember that I had gone on a bit of a rampage when I found a section of £1 a metre cotton fabrics and ended up buying metres and metres of fabrics that I would later look at and think ‘Why on earth did I buy this? I don’t WEAR hot pink, and I never have!’ I knew that I wouldn’t be making use of it for anything practical, so I figured I’d use it for the muslin. But, seeing as I was terrified that I would bugger up my fashion fabric, I really went to town on the muslin, sewing it up exactly as instructed, and then, after inserting the zip very badly indeed, and deciding that I was happy to move on to my fashion fabric, and so I pretty much dumped the unfinished dress into a drawer and forgot all about it. Fast forward to me rummaging through my stash in August, trying to come up with some nice summery fabrics for the holiday, and BOOM. Pretty much finished dress, in the most summery fabric imaginable! I finally felt justified in keeping every bit of fabric and scrap that clutters up my house! All I had to do was rip out, and then properly insert the zip, and then hem it. I decided to take QUITE a bit off the hem, as I knew I’d want something shorter than I’d normally wear in the heat.

I’ve decided that I really really like this version of the dress, although I definitely need to find a better strapless bra, as I feel a little precarious in the one I’m wearing here. There are definitely problems with it though. I must have been bigger when I made this, because I know for a fact the bodice was pretty tight fitting, but there’s definitely some wrinkling and sagging around the chest particularly at the sides and back. You can see wrinkles here where it hits my waist.. there’s definitely too much ease around my upper chest area.

See, more sagging at the back just above the waistband. You can also tell how wrinkly it is here, but hey, I’d just got it out of a suitcase, so I’m letting that slide.

The back is probably my biggest bugbear with this dress:

It actually doesn’t look that bad in the photo, but I ended up going for a white zip, because I couldn’t find one in the right shade of pink, and I couldn’t be bothered to trawl around trying to find one, so I just whacked a white one in. I also attempted another lapped zip, like I’d done on the Lonsdale for the wedding, but this fabric is so soft and drapey that it just doesn’t really work, and the lapped section tends to flip up and you get an eyeful of white zip, which really irritates me. But it’s quite a busy fabric, so I like to think it’s not as noticeable as it could be.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. And I think this is one of those garments that will really only be worn in the warmest WARMEST weather, so I’m glad I got to SOME wear out of it!

I also made a really quick beach bag from the Charlie bag pattern from Burda style. I just used my serger, and then flipped over the serged edges on the handles and sewed them down for a bit of a neater look. I don’t have a good photo of this from the holiday… so you’ll have to put up with this cheesy Instagram one we took when we found a snake on the beach!

It’s dead, I’m just cheesing it up for the camera!

It took me about a couple of hours to make, and a good hour of that was me cursing and yelling at my serger because the tension was acting up, and then running out of thread and having to rethread the bloody thing.

Here’s a better one that was taken just before we went on holiday. I’d made it up the night before, which of course meant I had to use it THEN AND THERE (anyone else know that feeling? I finish a project and I immediately want to wear it!) 
I just used some black and white upholstery weight cotton I bought from Ikea ages ago. It was about £5 a metre and I think I used about half a metre if that…. and it’s been SO useful on this holiday for lugging around bottles and bottles of water, and my rash vest and board shorts and towel. So pretty good for about £2.50, even if I do say so myself!
I also brought my most recent Sorbetto, but I haven’t got ANY photographs of me wearing it yet! I’m definitely going to try to get some photos taken before we head back to the UK, so hopefully I’ll have a ANOTHER finished item blogged about. Maybe I’m building up momentum on the blogging front?!?

2 thoughts on “FINISHED: Hot Pink Lonsdale! And Bonus Beach Bag.

  1. Aw shucks, thank you so much! Although I packed the dress, I wasn't sure I'd actually wear it. It's so funny, but I don't really wear very colourful clothes, and NEVER wear pink!


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