FINISHED: Strawberry Sorbetto Top

Strawberry Sorbetto Blouse – in open air shower again

I had meant to get this finished project post up as soon as we got back from Sri Lanka last Thursday, but unfortunately I became really really ill while travelling home (must have picked up some strange bug in the last couple of days before we left) which totally wiped me out for a good few days, and then I managed to pick up a horrible cold from the mass influx of students arriving back at the university where I work, and so I’ve spent most of the time since we got back feeling rather sorry for myself!

It’s not all been bad though! Feeling a little under the weather has meant that I’ve gone quite easy on myself since we got back (I can be quite hard on myself at times!) and have had some really nice lazy evenings curled up on the couch under a blanket knitting, and catching up with some of the TV programmes I actually watch (Downton Abbey basically!). I’ve managed to finish knitting the right hand mitten from this pattern (I’m basically just copying Karen) and am halfway through the left one, which is very good productivity for me, when it comes to knitting! My ambition is to actually make myself a jumper or cardigan. 
ANYWAY! On to the top! After I finished Me Made May this year and realised that the vast majority of my clothes are really dull, boring and dark, I rummaged through my stash and found this red polycotton with little white flowers on it. It reminded me of strawberries and little white strawberry flowers. I’d actually bought the fabric over a year ago to make a few things for my sister-in-law’s birthday and I had about a metre or so left.  I decided that I needed a very simple pattern for this fabric, since I felt like it was so bright and busy anyway. I really wanted to have the lovely Sorbetto pleat down the front of this, but no matter how I laid out the pattern pieces I just didn’t have enough fabric for them, so I just folded that section out of the the front pattern piece and made it without.

I finished the neck and arms with white bias tape, and then decided to do the same to the hem, rather than just hemming it, because I felt like it looked more symmetrical.

I’m actually really really happy with this simple little top. I’ve worn it a lot more often than I thought I would, and I realise that it’s not exactly ‘daring’ but it’s a lot brighter and busier than I’m really used to wearing. I don’t normally wear this with more red, as I am doing here (I suppose I’m not as bothered about what I wear when I’m on holiday!) I normally wear it with a pair of jeans and maybe a cardigan (pretty much my day-to-day ‘uniform’) and I do feel that it’s a definite success in that it’s far more colourful and ‘girly’ than I’m used to, but it is actually really practical, fits in to my wardrobe perfectly and is actually quite versatile!

That said, I’m not 100% happy with it… I decided that I needed a FBA with the sorbetto, and spent a while deciding how much of an FBA I’d need and then researching how to do it properly, and although it’s a definite improvement from my first sorbetto, the darts are far too long really, and they are quite erm…. ‘pointy’, which you can definitely see on the photograph on the left! Fortunately, the busy print normally does quite a good job of obscuring this, so I don’t feel too self-concious wearing it! Next time though, I’ll definitely have to remember to shorten those darts!!

In other news: I FINALLY FINALLY FINISHED MY MINORU JACKET!! And as soon as I get a free minute with some good natural light, I’m going to bully Mr Cuckoo into take some photos! There are many things that went wrong with the Minoru, but I still feel remarkably smug that I was finally able to finish a coat!


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