Happy 2013! I promise to Be More Scared!

Hello 2013! It’s the FUTURE!

It sneaked up on me a little bit at the end there (it generally does!) but it seemed to happen so much more quickly this time! Although I don’t really want to get TOO introspective, I feel like I want to at least acknowledge that the new year has started, and try to make a little sense of the year that’s just ended and what I’d like from the shiny new year.

I noticed on Facebook that a LOT of people mentioned that 2012 was a really shitty year, but I felt like it was more of a transitional year. It wasn’t bad (that was 2011, possibly my WORST year to date) but it wasn’t particularly good either. I started 2012 ABSOLUTELY determined that it would be better than the year before, and I definitely managed that at least!

Anchor Meringue Skirt

I started this blog exactly a year ago, and I have published the grand total of 15 posts…. not exactly prolific! But, considering I felt very VERY self-conscious and unsure about the whole idea of blogging, and putting myself ‘out there’, I still feel like that was a really big step, and one I’m very pleased to have taken. Also, if I’m honest, a great deal of my time and effort was taken up with having numerous and (quite frankly) fucking uncomfortable and irritating tests and examinations on the nerves in my neck, shoulders and arms, exercising (to try and improve strength and movement IN my arms) and taking an almost debilitating amount of painkillers for neuropathic pain (which tend to absolutely zonk me out a couple of hours after taking them. AHA!! Funny, Mr Cuckoo has just walked in the room WITH said painkillers. He has an alarm set on his phone to remind me to take them, because I went through a period of forgetting…which is apparently A Very Bad Thing, according to my doctor).

Holiday Lonsdale Dress

Enough of the excuses though! With a new year starting, and my health issues balanced onto an almost even keel and finally getting to the point where I can handle all the meds, I’m hoping that 2013 will be the year of The Blog!

Strawberry Sorbetto Top

I’m not going to give myself ridiculous blogging/sewing resolutions that I have absolutely no chance of keeping, because no doubt that will only make me feel bad about myself if I break them one week in (and let’s face it, I will!) but I just CAN’T HELP thinking about what I’d like to see happen in terms of sewing/blogging in 2013, especially when I’ve seen so MANY of my favourite bloggers talking about their reflections on 2012 and thoughts on 2013(Sonja, Winnie, Anna, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam)! I especially love and relate to Winnie’s bullet point ‘Be more scared’ because for me, this includes something as simple as uploading a blog post! If I’m completely honest, I’m SUCH a perfectionist that just constructing and writing a blog post is a terrifying prospect, and at the point that I click on the dreaded ‘publish’ button, I am plagued by SUCH self doubt, that it probably shouldn’t surprise me that I only managed to do it 15 times in 2012!

Charlie Beach Bag

So, I have decided that Be More Scared will be my motto for sewing and blogging in 2013 (Sorry Winnie, I hope you don’t mind me shamelessly stealing your ideas!?). I will work at doing scarier things in sewing (more muslins, more involved projects, more taxing/expensive fabrics) and be more scared in blogging (clicking ‘publish’ even when I don’t really want to, admitting in a blog post when I’ve totally buggered up a project, or EVEN just blogging about various ideas I have for sewing/knitting/other projects).

Tweedy Minoru Jacket

I really am hoping that 2013 can be a really good year for everyone! And I’m honestly excited at the prospect of being more open and myself on my blog! Also, I might even catch up on blogging about all the sewing and knitting I’ve done in the past month or so! I’ve been quite productive for once!

Flamingo Renfrew Dress

(Oh yeah, I did say I didn’t want to get too introspective. Oh well. TOUGH.)


6 thoughts on “Happy 2013! I promise to Be More Scared!

  1. You might not have had a lot of finished projects or posts, but the ones you have turned out great! Wishing you a creative new year–and let's say a fearless one, too! πŸ™‚


  2. Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you! πŸ™‚ I loved Winnie's goal of being more scared, too. It's hard to grow and progress if you're scared to step out of your comfort zone. Yeah, I'm probably going to make some major mistakes and deal with some frustrations, but it's totally worth it. And from where I stand, you had a great 2012! Look at those beautiful projects! Glad to hear your health/medication situation has achieved some balance. πŸ™‚


  3. Thank you! I find that it's often quite hard to look at my projects in any kind of unbiased light, I'm often too focused on the faults, or how it differs from what I wanted to achieve! πŸ™‚

    It should certainly be an interesting year of scaring myself, but I'm also pretty convinced it will be worth it!


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