Sometimes, a read is as good as a rest!

Essential Lunchtime Reading!
Last week I had another EPIC FAIL whilst attempting to make Renfrew Dress MKII, basically because I clearly hadn’t learnt my lesson the first time round.  I took three inches off the bottom of the bodice front/back, but then didn’t bother to measure the bodice length, just eyed it up and thought it looked okay. I then totally mucked up trying to attach the gathered skirt panels to the bodice, because I was in too much of a hurry to get the dress finished. 
Needless to say, the realisation that I’d screwed up in exactly the same way as the first time round preceded a VERY unladylike hissy fit. After I’d calmed down and was in the process of dealing with the aftermath (picking up the fabric/notions that I’d thrown on the floor… Seriously. Not joking.) I realised that it was time to step away from the sewing and close the door on it for a little bit. I think one of my major failings is not knowing when to stop, take a breath and then step away. This is often the cause of my projects getting screwed up… If I just took a bit more time, and breathed, and stepped away, I think I would end up with a lot more finished objects and a lot fewer wadders. 
So, since Thursday night, I haven’t been back in the sewing room. I’ve been taking a little rest, and making time for other hobbies! After a few days of reading, spending time with friends, working out, watching tv series and knitting, and playing on the xbox (YES I CONSIDER XBOX PLAYING  A ‘HOBBY’ SHUTUP) I feel recharged and so much more like myself! It has really helped remind me that sewing is a hobby, not a chore, and that there’s no point to just churning out item after item of hastily put-together, or badly thought-through clothing, if I never wear them and don’t even enjoy making them! 
Another thing that has really helped me look at my sewing attitude recently is a book I picked up from the second hand bookshop last week, Sew and Save by Joanna Chase. Has anyone else read it? It’s a reproduction of the 1941 book dealing with how to look after your wardrobe whilst dealing with rationing in Britain, and I’m finding it so interesting (apart from a reference on the first page that literally had me choking on my coffee. It’s one thing being aware that things weren’t quite as PC in 1941 and another thing entirely when you’re reading a book and an offensive word crops up as if it’s no big deal!) The in-depth discussion of how to look after your clothing on a day-to-day basis in order to make it last, and the importance of quality over quantity has been a gentle reminder to me that I probably have too many bad quality or ill-fitting clothes, and that there’s a lot of fun to be had in curating a wardrobe full of flattering clothes that I really like and also in taking time to plan each item of clothing I make!
It does feel like such a timely purchase! I think I really needed a bit of a change in perspective about my sewing, and I’m determined to spend some time organising my wardrobe and investing in some serious pre-sewing planning. Now, despite last week’s epic sewing fail, I feel recharged and excited about the next time I’m in my sewing room. It’s nearly spring and I’d like to make sure that I have a good, versatile spring wardrobe!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes, a read is as good as a rest!

  1. I'm so glad you're feeling refreshed and recharged! You're totally right– this is a hobby, not a chore, but it's hard to remember that sometimes! Looking forward to seeing your spring wardrobe!


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