Twin Peakspiration!

Dale Cooper enjoying the best coffee Twin Peaks has to offer!

So, since I decided to give myself a little sewing hiatus after I managed to screw up something as simple as a jersey dress (that I’d already made once!) I’ve been satisfying my creative needs with knitting! I’m definitely not the most experienced knitter, but with the help of the internet, a (pretty comprehensive!) book on knitting, and frequent phonecalls to my very patient mother, I’m making inroads into the Central Park Hoodie pattern. I’ve managed to knit up the back, one front, and half of the other. I’m pretty pleased with my progress, despite a few little mistakes here and there. Fortunately, I’ve gone with a very dark grey aran, so you can’t really make out any of the mistakes! πŸ™‚

Knitting is much easier to fit into my evening routine as well, that’s for sure! Since I exercise pretty much every night, straight after work, it’s much easier to have a shower, make and eat dinner, and then pick up my knitting whilst watching tv for a couple of hours or so. I tend not to like to JUST knit and I get a bit fidgety watching tv, so combining the two is the perfect solution! As part of our evenings, Mr Cuckoo and I have been rewatching the entirety of Twin Peaks (gotta love David Lynch – mad as a box of frogs!) and along with major hankerings for coffee, cherry pie and doughnuts, it’s also been inspiring me style-wise too! Who doesn’t love lumberjack-chic? Totally appeals to my sense of the practical! But there’s also lots of sophisticated vintage style in the form of Audrey Horne!

Foresty Cardigan – YES PLEASE!

And, I mean, just LOOK at that cardigan! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Before I knew it I was daydreaming about log cabins, owls and forests and drooling over everything wild animal related on Modcloth (which, let’s face it, is about half of the stuff on there at the moment, YAY!) and I’ve been curating a bit of a wishlist/inspiration list over the past few weeks, and just couldn’t help making a little inspiration board of some of my faves! I also found this how-to for making the cutest fox plushie, that definitely has me itching to get back in the sewing room (also, it’d be a such a quick, easy, satisfying make!)

A Beautiful Mess fox plushie! How-to here

Since it’s my birthday coming up, I might end up using some of my birthday money on one or two of these little beauties!!!

1. This is the ‘Intro to Forestry’ skirt from Modcloth, but looks like it’s no longer for sale! 😦 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

But, since I’ll be spending my birthday week (everyone has a birthday week, right?) in the French Alps snowboarding, I might come back all log fired and forested out! But rest assured, I’ll be taking my knitting with me and I’m definitely going to finish it, before Spring gets too far along!


4 thoughts on “Twin Peakspiration!

  1. Thanks! I'm super excited about spending my birthday on the slopes! Definitely a bit better that being stuck at work! πŸ™‚

    We're a bit sad that we've watched all of Twin Peaks now… I'm scrabbling around to find another fun programme to watch whilst knitting!


  2. That mug is sooo cute! I know I shouldn't get it, because we've got more than enough mugs in our house, but sometimes you just have to get something, even when it's not practical, right??

    I love the raccoon clock, it reminds me of the 80s cartoon 'The Raccoons'! Man, I loved that show!


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