Spring Sewing Wardrobe!

By this time tomorrow I will be in Tignes for a week long snowboarding trip with Mr Cuckoo! Normally we go with a big (BIG!) group of friends, but this year we’ve decided to go just as a couple, and I’m really looking forward to awesome days out on the pistes and then some nice quiet nights in, watching tv series, knitting, reading and playing games! I’m thinking of it as a last hurrah of winter, before spring starts!

I’m hoping that I’ll come back refreshed, and ready to get stuck into spring sewing with gusto!

I’ve been making a little list of the items I’d really like to make for spring, to create a mini me-made spring wardrobe…

1 – Denim Thurlows!

I’ve got some blue denim specifically earmarked for a pair of Thurlow jeans. I’ve already made a ‘wearable’ muslin (that I will never wear, I’m sure, but never mind!) and apart from some little tweaks to the fit here and there, I’m ready to crack on and make these when we get back from holiday! I realise that jeans can be pretty boring, but since I wear them a good 70% of the time, it’s about time I had a me-made pair!

2 – Blue Ginger skirt

I got this pattern for Christmas and just love it! I want to make it up in a kind of denim-y blue, so that it’s a bit of a blank canvas, and I can pair it with a lot of different tops. I really like view A with the pointed waistband, so cute!

3 – Rooibos Dress

I’ve had this dress pattern for a little while, but somehow haven’t got around to making it, despite really liking the look of it! I’ve got some purple/aubergine coloured corduroy that I had bought to make a pair of Thurlows with, only to realise that I’d probably not wear them. I know aubergine is more of an autumn colour, but hey, there’s tons of purple flowers and stuff in spring right?? Not sure what colour to have the contrasting fabric…. I know yellow is generally a good contrast for purple, and is springy…. But yellow is NOT MY COLOUR. Maybe just white might be best.

4 – Banksia top

Another Christmas present! I’ve pinned so many navy/white tops and dresses with peter pan collars recently that it seems only right to make a Banksia in navy, with a white collar. I think I might also finish the sleeves and hem with white bias binding, and maybe even have white buttons… although that might be going a bit too far!

Banksia Inspiration, courtesy of Modcloth (AGAIN)
Left    /    Right

There’s definitely more where this came from, but I’m worried that this post is going to be obscenely long, and y’know, I should get some sleep, I’ve got to be up again in 6 hours!!


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