Spring Sewing Wardrobe #2

Okay, I DID say there was more spring sewing inspiration! It’s like I’m obsessed! So let’s crack on:

5 – Sencha/Sassy Librarian Blouse

I might make BOTH of these! I really like the idea of a relatively simple top, but made with some super cute prints, so they’re a bit more colourful and put together than my usual tops, without looking too costume-y.

Fabrics by Westfallenstoffe: I found them here.

How cute would these westfallenstoffe prints look as a simple version  of the Sassy Librarian Blouse?? I think these would go really well with the Thurlows or Ginger skirt! (check me out – trying to think ahead about how things will fit together in my wardrobe!)

6 – Sureau dress

I’ve been meaning to make this up for MONTHS, and I’ve got just the fabric for it! This wonderful two-toned jewel-y pine green cotton shirting! It’s going to wrinkle like a mother, and am wondering whether to line it or not…I found it impossible to photograph, so this colour is the best approximation I could find!

7 – Darling Ranges dress

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s really similar to the Sureau, but tough. I love them both, so I’m making them both (at least hypothetically!) I’ve been pinning a load of similar dresses in lovely animal-y prints, and though that this would look amazing in something like this:

Westfallenstoffe:Blue Pony 

  or this!

I really like the idea of doing it in a soft cord as well… it’s pretty expensive, but I might splurge with some birthday money!

8 – Central Park Hoodie

My yarn!

And FINALLY, my current WIP, which hopefully will be so neutral in black-ish yarn, it will be able to go over everything on here as a bit of a cuddly cardigan for when it’s cold (and let’s face it, it’s England! It’s going to be cold in Spring!

Whether or not I make even half of the projects from my two Spring Sewing posts remains to be seen, but I think it’s definitely helped me have an idea of the types of projects I want to be working on in the next couple of months! Hopefully this will keep me on some sort of track, and stop me from randomly buying fabric with no ideas of what to use it for! (Although I’m not going to hold my breath!)


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