More Birthday Awesomeness!

(Disclaimer: Since it’s still technically my birthday week, I’ve decided that I’m allowed to write this blogpost without being an annoying show off! Okay?? Okay.)

So Mr Cuckoo and I arrived back from Tignes yesterday at about noon. Apart from a horrid incident at baggage reclaim when we realised that Mr Cuckoo’s snowboard had been totally ruined in transit (the board bag was ripped and the heel edge of the board had been so badly dinged it had snapped the metal edge and had ripped through the base, core AND laminate) we had the most amazing week away!

Now, I HAD planned to just write a quick post about how awesome our holiday was and how crappy it is to be back at home, but quite frankly, I found a really unexpected but totally cool late birthday present to myself, which cheered me up so much, that I’m totally not sad that the holiday is over!!

Can you tell what it is yet??

After we’d arrived back at the house and dumped all our luggage etc, we decided to head out to the local shops to while away some time (and to stop us from going to bed and totally screwing over our body clocks). We mooched around the second hand book shops and charity shops, and went to a local deli-cafe for a coffee and homemade cheesecake. On the way home, we stopped outside the newsagent to have a look at the local ads (you never know what you might find!) and I saw THIS:

Well  helloooooo…..

So, I snagged a photo of it on my phone, and pondered it for the minute it took for us to walk home, and then started googling ‘bernina 180’. A 180 is a new computerised model, so I was pretty suspicious, because there’s no way someone would sell one for £15. I was still pretty interested though so decided to phone up and ask about it. Okay, okay, full disclosure. I made Mr Cuckoo phone up and ask about it. I HATE talking on the telephone. I even make him phone up for take away. Anyway, the lady said that it was a 1950’s Bernina in good condition, and she was only really selling it because it was too heavy for her to use any more. She lives literally 3 minutes walk from our house, and so we hot footed it round there to take a look at it.

In less than 20 minutes I went from being bummed about being home from holiday and totally pissed off at East Midlands airport for ruining Mr Cuckoo’s snowboard to being the cheerful owner of THIS BABY:

It’s a Bernina 600 (not a 180). The lady apologised when we arrived, explaining that she totally remembered the number wrong. She’s had it since the fifties, and loves it, but finds it too heavy to use any more. She plugged it in and let me have a little mess around with it. It works like a DREAM as far as I can tell. it has a straight and zigzag stitch, and has a lever (I think??) for backstitching. She apologised for not having the booklet, but I’ve already found a free online copy, so I couldn’t care less. I just checked on ebay, and one that looks exactly the same recently sold for £102, plus p&p. Needless to say, I am feeling a little bit smug.

I was worried Mr Cuckoo might be a little exasperated at my buying another (fourth!) sewing machine, but honestly, he seems nearly as in love with it as I am! He spent quite a while yesterday looking it over and talking about sturdy it is and how he loves the enamelled finish and how they don’t make them like this now yadda yadda yadda….

As if I wasn’t excited before about the prospect of my spring wardrobe plans! I now just want to sit in front of it and marvel at it’s wondrousness! Of course, I CAN’T because I’m going round to my brother’s for the rest of the day, AND I’m busy for the next two weekends, so I’ll have to see what sewing I can fit in in the evenings!!

But YAY, happy belated birthday present to ME!


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