Sun and Snow and Shears!

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my birthday! What a difference a week makes! This time last Thursday I was either on a snowy piste, or perhaps having my lunch and a coffee in one of the restaurants up a mountain!

I have to admit I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself today, back at work with a to-do list as long as my arm, so it seems the perfect time to upload some holiday snaps! Don’t worry, there is a very little bit of sewing related stuff in this blog post, but I’m going to put it RIGHT AT THE END, so you’ve got to go through all the holiday photos before you get to it. I’m mean like that! Having said that, if you’re really not interested photos of the French Alps, you can always just skip to the end! 🙂

Me and my snowboard at the top of a glacier!

We spent the week in Val Claret in Tignes and it was definitely the biggest and best ski resort I’ve been to in the Alps (but that’s not saying much really, and I’ve never been anywhere BUT the Alps, so I have no idea how it compares to resorts in North America, say). The lift pass we bought (in order to get up the ski lifts) was the ‘Espace Killy’ one, which meant we had the full run of all the pistes in Tignes AND all the pistes in Val D’Isere, the neighbouring resort, which meant that we had a MASSIVE amount of space to play around in! It was really amazing, but EXPENSIVE, over £200 for a week, just for the pass itself.

The weather and conditions were pretty much spot on every day! Sunny all day, and then snowy at night, so we would wake up to fresh snow, which was pretty awesome! Of course, the only day that the conditions were less than ideal was on my birthday, when there was a TON of snow during the day, which meant that you were in the middle of a cloud, whilst it snowed on you!

Lunch on top of the Grande Motte!
I’m not trying to look sultry here, I’m squinting because it’s so bright!
View at lunch!

I was pretty convinced that the slopes would be absolutely packed full of people, as it’s one of the biggest resorts in France, but there were SO MANY different pistes, that (barring the two or three main runs into each resort) we would often have the slopes to ourselves!

Mr Cuckoo consulting the piste map.
Those two black dots are the only other people around!


More snow!

And er… y’know. Snow.
I was really happy about how quiet it was, because it meant that I had much more confidence trying to improve without worrying about little kids barrelling into me at high speed (it’s happened!) and I also spent a lot more time than I normally would off piste, indulging in all the fresh powdery snow (it’s the most AMAZING feeling, you feel like you’re floating! There’s nothing else like it!) I’m not the most confident boarder (this is only my third trip) and having quiet and space to practice really makes all the difference! 
Mr Cuckoo (and his wild man beard that he refused to trim the entire time
we were there!!!)  heading into Val D’Isere for some well deserved beer!
Beer time! We insisted on sitting outside even though it was
snowing and freezing!
(ASIDE: self made hat right there folks!)

We’d pretty much finish up each day with some beer and hot drinks at a bar in either Tignes or Val D’Isere. On my birthday, we went into a Grand Marnier place in Val D’Isere and asked for coffee with our crepes only to be told ‘We only do drinks with Grand Marnier in them!’ Okay, well you twisted my arm! It was my birthday after all! (but really, only in France!)

We weren’t really into the ‘apres-ski’ thing on this holiday, since it was just the two of us, so we’d generally head back to our little one bedroom apartment after a drink or two, for dinner, and then a marathon session of either ‘The Killing’ or ‘The Walking Dead’, whilst I knitted!

It wasn’t a cheap getaway by any means (even though we self-catered most of the time to keep costs down) but I would DEFINITELY DEFINITELY recommend going to Tignes if you’re thinking of heading to the Alps for snow!

Bonus photo from in the centre of Tignes – Val Claret.
Yes, I have a totally lame sense of humour, but tell me that doesn’t look
 like a big wooden penis! Or a match, I guess, if you’re not dirty minded like me!

Okay okay okay, if you got this far without falling asleep, you get two stamina points! (although, these are only a tiny fraction of the photos we took, so maybe you should just thank your lucky stars!) 
I was feeling pretty bummed to say the least when we got back from holiday, although, as I’ve already said, my AWESOME sewing machine find totally cheered me up! But, on Monday, after heading home from my first day back at work, feeling super glum, I came home to this:

A pair of AMAZING new tailors shears from my friend Serena! They’re the BUSINESS. They’re 8″ tailors shears made from certified Sheffield steel by Ernest Wright and Son!!!

Before I went on holiday, I was definitely feeling a real lack of sewing mojo, but with all my awesome new sewing gear I’m pretty much frothing at the mouth to get back in the sewing room! And, of course, I can’t this weekend, because we’re down in London all weekend, but I AM planning on using some of my birthday money buying fabric and maybe some vintage-y items from London markets. So it’s not all bad! 😉 I’m planning on going to Walthamstow market and Wood Street indoor market. If you have any other suggestions for good shopping places nearby, let me know! 

2 thoughts on “Sun and Snow and Shears!

  1. It looks like it was beautifully sunny (and cold!) in Tignes. Your hair looks wonderfully curly in the hat picture by the way 🙂 I still haven't been to Walthamstow market despite seeing various blogging people find some great fabrics. If you're going to be in west London way, you should go down Goldhawk Road – fabric heaven! 🙂


  2. What a great trip! I'm super jealous! I have had such a bonkers work schedule this winter that I didn't ski once! 😦 But I'm glad you had such a nice time– the Alps look way more fun than the skiing here in the northeastern US. 🙂


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