Giveaway Winner and FINISHED: Peony


It’s been a pretty manic few weeks since my birthday, and although it’s been lovely going away on holiday and seeing family, all the travelling, coupled with some hospital appointments and a ton of errands have totally tired me out recently. 
Mr Cuckoo and I have decided to make sure that we keep April free of travelling, and I’m really looking forward to a month of sewing and decluttering the house, before wedding season comes around again!
So, FINALLY, here is the winner of my birthday giveaway!

 Taking out all the non-giveaway comments, comment number 4 is:

Congratulations Sophie! One Anise pattern coming up!

Now, in an attempt to blog some of the backlog of finished sewn items, I’m posting some hastily taken photographs of a Peony dress that I made back in NOVEMBER.

Will I ever look comfortable in front of the camera? I’m guessing not.

I actually made TWO muslins of the peony bodice since pretty much everyone had mentioned fitting issues with the Peony, and I took a load of photos, meaning to blog my progress, but… well… that never happened!  Oddly, after doing an FBA on the bodice, I was still really struggling with the fit, and in desperation, copied  Rochelle’s changes to her Peony, even including the two tucks at the neckline! Thanks Rochelle, for doing all the hard work for me!

I wanted to make the Peony for a wedding in December, and knew that I’d need to make it up first in another, less precious fabric to make sure I was happy with the fit, so I bought this floral polycotton from the market for £4 a metre. I really liked this print even though it’s really busy and more girly than my usual style, and I’m pleased to say that it has seen a lot of wear since November!

I don’t really have all that much to say about the dress really… It’s a shame that the busy print camouflages the tucks at the neckline, because I actually really like that about the dress.

Tucks! Can you see them?

I’ve been wearing the dress with thermal tights and a cardigan, but I’m hoping once the weather gets better (come on now, it’s April for crying out loud, I’m ready to see the SUN!) I can just wear the dress on it’s own. 

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter break!


3 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner and FINISHED: Peony

  1. This looks so cute on you! I really like the tucks! I struggled quite a bit with the fit of this dress and mine never gets worn. I should probably try to fix it because I really like the style!


  2. Yess! I'm really happy to be the lucky winner of your giveaway and I'm looking forward to working on the Anise jacket as I'm sure it will be a lot of work!
    I've also tried the Peony and had – as others – many issues with the bodice. I'm still not happy with the fit and haven't blogged yet (though it was done in Autumn)… shame on me
    It's great that you added tucks, it gives a little something to the neckline!


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