Finished: Blue Floral Sureau Dress!

So, as I said in my last post, although I have been doing some spring wardrobe sewing in the past month or so, I haven’t really been feeling up to documenting it! This weekend however, it’s been such lovely weather (finally!!) that I finally decided to bite the bullet and get some photographs taken of at least ONE finished item of spring wardrobe sewing, so here is one of my current favourite makes, the Sureau from Deer&Doe:

It was finally so sunny that I look like I’m
glowing in these photos!

I made this dress from a lovely kind of brushed cotton from a stall at Leicester Market. It feels lovely against your skin and it’s lovely and breathable but it wrinkles like a mother if you’ve worn it for longer than 20 seconds, which is one of my pet hates, I CAN’T STAND WRINKLES! Just putting it out there! Despite having two big tupperware boxes of buttons, I couldn’t find the right shade of purple for the buttons, so I went into town JUST to buy the right colour buttons. I don’t normally make that kind of effort, since I can be a bit… lazy and just think ‘eh, it’ll do’, but I was so pleased with this make that I felt the extra effort was warranted!

I just made the pattern in a size 40 with no adjustments and am definitely happy with the fit, although I think next time I will make some changes, just to make it fit that much better! I’ll definitely extend the bodice by at least an inch or so (to be honest, I should just automatically do that for every pattern!) and add a FBA adjustment to the 38 which will hopefully make it fit even better than this version.

A little aside, do you see how there is some strange wrinkling and pulling on the right hand side of the back bodice? That is because I have some muscle wastage in my right shoulder (as a result of my nerve problems) which means that it is slightly lower than the left. I have decided that I’m not going to attempt to fix any fitting problems coming from my right shoulder, unless it’s absolutely necessary, since I’m making a concerted effort to ‘bulk up’ my right shoulder and trapezius muscles at the suggestion of my pain management specialist, so hopefully this pulling will start fixing itself soon!

The fabric cost me £10 (Stuart knocked £2 off for me, since he had just under the 2m I wanted) and with the zipper and buttons it cost me about £11.50 which isn’t bad at all for a dress that I can definitely see being a favourite this year!

Now, as a little bonus have a ridiculous photo of me:

Ahhhhh! WHAT IS IT??

This is the face I make when something huge and buzzy tries to land on me mid-photograph! I think it was just a honey bee, but it was so big I thought it might have been a hornet for a minute!!

Right, that’s one recent make finally ticked off the ‘to blog list’! Yay! I’m hoping I’ll catch up with myself soon! Me-Made-May ’13 is definitely helping because it’s forcing me to take photographs of what I’m wearing, and I don’t have enough me-made clothes to ignore the most recently made items, so I’m often wearing them and putting photos up on the MMM13 Flickr page well before I’ve had chance to blog about them!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and people in the UK made the most of the Bank Holiday and lovely weather!


5 thoughts on “Finished: Blue Floral Sureau Dress!

  1. Thanks lady! I'm really pleased with it, but definitely think I now have more floral in my wardrobe than I know what to do with. Cake sewing needs to be on the agenda for a little while!

    Come over to the UK, we've got another Bank Holiday at the end of the month (although nothing after that until August, BOOO) I can't wait, we're going surfing! Although that inevitably means it will be cold and rain non-stop.


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