I dreamed a dream…..(of sewing magic!)

This image has nothing to do with anything really, it came up when I googled ‘sewing dream’ and I HAD to use it because a) amazing image of sewing room and b) IT IS FROM A COMPUTER GAME. ’nuff said. 

This morning, in between about 4:30am (when I woke up with a jump thinking ‘Crap, what time is it? Why hasn’t the alarm gone off??’ – please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to!) and 6:30am, I had a really awesome dream.

Mr Cuckoo and I were offered the most amazing house to rent. It was on one side of a steep, narrow and rocky cove, and had windows the width of all the walls, with panoramic views of the sea to the right and ahead,  and then views of the most amazing abbey ruin on the steep rocky slope to the left. (I spent last weekend driving around the Sutton Bank area in North Yorkshire, where there are 4 abbeys in spitting distance, so it’s not surprising one made it into my dream!) It was the most beautiful area, and the house was large and spacious and airy, and the rent was £100 a month! The only downside was that we would have to houseshare with a girl we know (apparently, even in my wildest dreams, I can’t help but be a little practical!) although we had separate living areas and bathrooms, so it wouldn’t be too much of a hardship. And what was it about this dream that made me so sad when I was rudely awoken by the alarm?? It was the realisation that I did NOT have the stunning backdrops of the sea/cove/ruined abbey to use when taking photographs of my finished me-made items.

I’ve noticed a definite pattern with my sewing/blogging. I get really fired up by a project, find a load of inspiration/an amazing pattern/brilliant fabric, and become all consumed with creating the item, excited about how it will look/fit/how much I’m saving doing it myself. Finish item and put it on IMMEDIATELY and sashay around the house in it, yelling ‘LOOK AT THIS! JUST LOOK AT IT! I MADE THIS HOW COOL IS THAT??’ to Mr Cuckoo (because I still can’t believe that I’m actually making something that can be used in a useful and everyday fashion) and think ‘I can’t wait to put this on the blog!’ Then I generally go to bed because I’m knackered from staying up late, sewing. The next day is either a) crappy weather or b)super busy, and no photos are taken of said item. I think, ‘I’ll do it this weekend!’ Only, we’re either away that weekend, or the weather is still crappy, or I’m too busy, or I’m too lazy. The photos are just not taken, and I don’t really feel like I can write a post saying ‘I made this awesome thing!’ without having any photographic evidence to prove it.

Then I’ll get super inspired to create another item and off we go again… the last finished item then goes into rotation (or not! Depending in how successful/frivolous it is).

See where I’m going with this? Off the top of my head, I have: a Colette Ginger, a Peony, a Sewaholic Renfrew, a burda pattern wraparound cardigan AND the teal lace dress finished, and NONE of them have been blogged about.

Maybe I should get onto that!

Buuuuuut……. I am TOTALLY in the thrall of a new wave of inspiration! (Hahaha! Will the cycle EVER end!?)

The other day, this photograph came up on my Instagram feed:

Snapped from my iphone – photo is from
Elsie Larson’s Instagram (aka www.abeautifulmess.com)
Not sure what’s going on with the open mouth pose there… one way to catch flies! NOM.

Now, pinafore style dresses (or jumpers, as I think they’re called in the US – which always confuses me for a minute, NOT the same thing in the UK) really aren’t my thing at all, as they can be uber-cutesy and remind me of little girl outfits! But for some reason I saw this photo and my brain said ‘Ou! Pretty!’ quickly followed by ‘You could make something like this!’ Although, that’s pretty much what I always think!

The skirt of this looks very similar to a Colette Ginger, just with added patch pockets, but I wanted to be able to see the details of the dress a little more clearly, and fortunately Elsie mentions in the comments that it was from Modcloth, so a quick search revealed that it’s the ‘On The Double Dutch Jumper’ and it’s more ‘skirt with front flap’ than dress, but whatever. I WANT. Weirdly, if I’d have seen the Modcloth pictures first, I don’t think I’d be anywhere near as interested in it, to me it looks a lot longer and frumpier, and the paler top underneath doesn’t work as well for me, but I guess that’s the brilliance of sewing your own clothing! You can take what you like and make it better! Well… sometimes. Other times (if you’re anything like me) you get too ambitious and end up with another wadder.

So, as far as I can tell, if I made the Colette Ginger up in denim, added patch pockets and drafted a similar front flappy thing (what would you call that??) and two straps w/buttons, then TADA, PINAFORE. Am I missing something obvious here do you reckon? Also, I’m slightly worried that the front flap and straps might end up making the waistband a bit bulky, so I might have to look into that.

I do have some blue denim that I WAS planning on using to make a pair of jean-y Thurlows, but now I’m wondering……

Thank goodness it’s Friday, and I’m going to be at home all weekend! It’s been at least a month since I’ve had weekend time at home, and my sewing room is a DISASTER.

PS – I MAY be spending some of the weekend playing on the computer game that the image is from. I need that shit in my life okay??

PPS – I didn’t even mention my AWESOME IDEA (read: not particularly awesome, or unusual, but whatever) about crafting myself a really cool chambray shirt. Don’t ask. Seriously. My head will just explode.


2 thoughts on “I dreamed a dream…..(of sewing magic!)

  1. This is really cute! I'm not usually into jumpers, either, but this is totally wearable. Go for it!

    And get to blogging, missy! I wanna see what you've been making! 😉 But I totally get it– there's only so much free time, and it's way more fun to spend it sewing than blogging!


  2. Oh you should totally recreate that pinafore! If you made the ginger skirt waistband in two pieces and sandwiched the front flap in it along the top that should prevent any unnecessary bulkiness, no? To eliminate bulkiness further still, I'd make the waistband facing in a thinner cotton so you don't have too many layers of denim at certain points. If you were planning on lining the front flap (which I think would be a good plan so it keeps its shape, especially when you're sitting down) I'd line it in the same thinner cotton. Those are my random thoughts on the matter anyhow! Good luck! xx


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