Finished: One long overdue Negroni shirt for Mr Cuckoo!

He looks pretty grumpy in this photo, but
all the ones where he’s smiling are blurry!
This shirt is long overdue in pretty much every sense of the word. I bought the fabric and pattern LAST October to make a shirt for Mr Cuckoo’s birthday, but er, his birthday came and went with no real progress made. Oops. I got pretty overwhelmed with the idea of making something as labour-intensive as a shirt, and so it just never really happened! (I DID get Mr Cuckoo a thermal rash-vest for his birthday too, and some other little treats, so I promise he wasn’t presentless on his birthday!)
It was actually watching the Great British Sewing Bee that finally got me moving on this shirt. Watching Ann carefully make tailors tacks in her pattern pieces just inspired me to take action! For once, I didn’t cut any corners, I didn’t rush, I diligently inserted tailors tacks (although they just kept coming out again, which I found SO frustrating. Clearly I either wasn’t sewing them properly, or I was handling the pattern pieces too much.)
I let Mr Cuckoo choose the fabric and buttons (OH, those buttons cost more than the fabric did! I nearly passed out when those 9 buttons came out at about £13! Needless to say, I get a veto on any of his button/fabric choices from now on!) and I have to admit, I don’t think the fabric is really 100% suitable for a shirt. It is super super soft and has a lovely drapey hand. I told Mr Cuckoo at the time that the shirt might look quite wrinkly in that fabric, but he said that he really loved it, and wanted the shirt to be casual, so I went ahead.
(Unfortunately, trying to take photographs of a navy blue shirt inside on an overcast day, WHILST laughing my ass off has basically meant that the majority of these photographs are on the blurry side!)
You can see that the fabric at the front hem kind of buckles a bit where it’s attached to the front facing, presumably because the front facing is interfaced, and the shirt front isn’t, but although it really bothers me, Mr Cuckoo doesn’t seem to care at all!
I traced the size Medium for the shirt, and expected this version to be a wearable muslin, but apart from the wrinkles created by the drapiness of the fabric, the only problem with fit seems to be the cuffs, which are a little too tight, and create a bit of bunching in the wrist area…  I will definitely make those a little looser next time!

Mr Cuckoo totally cracks me up with his poses! I had just said ‘Turn around so I can photograph the back’ but he’s like ‘HUH! HANDS ON HIPS!’ He made me laugh so much taking these photos, that about 80% are massively blurry, and totally useless! Oh well.

Checking out the slightly too small cuff

This photo kind of shows a more accurate idea of
 the drapiness of the fabric
Because the fabric was so drapey, I did struggle a little bit getting a crisp collar, even with interfacing. If you look closely, you can see that it is a little rumpled looking. Fortunately, with the relaxed camp collar on this pattern, I don’t think it’s quite as noticeable as it would have been if the pattern had called for a collar stand!

I also added the collar loop and button, but I will probably leave this off next time, since Mr Cuckoo is never going to use it, and I feel like it makes the collar look a bit ‘busy’.
This pattern is definitely going to be revisited time and again! It’s definitely the type of pattern that can be made to look completely different, just with a change of fabric, and since Peter has a tutorial to add a collar stand, it can be totally versatile! 
It might have taken me seven months to actually make the shirt, and another six to photograph the damn thing, but I’m happy with how the shirt turned out overall (although I’m definitely using a crisper fabric next time!) and I’m even more pleased with how happy Mr Cuckoo is to have it, so I’m calling this ‘GREAT SUCCESS!’ I’m also getting serious brownie points with all this selfless sewing!
Father Christmas, have you SEEN how good I’ve been this year???

I will leave you with this VERY silly photograph of Mr Cuckoo doing an impression of a lazy-eyed hummingbird. You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “Finished: One long overdue Negroni shirt for Mr Cuckoo!

  1. Heeheehee! Great photos! I ran out of time and didn't make Man Friend's shirt before Christmas vacation! I really must hop to it in January. This looks great, and the fit turned out really excellent! Mr. Cuckoo looks really happy!


  2. Why is it that things like shirts have to be so time consuming? I think I'm far more likely to make Mr Cuckoo clothes if only they didn't take up so much time and effort! Selfless sewing is just plain hard work! Am excited to see Man Friend's shirt!


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