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Operation: Capsule Wardrobe

This is not exactly what I think my wardrobe will look like,
by the way, it’s just a representative illustration!

Do you ever find that sometimes, you can sit and ruminate for a while over something, turning it over in your head, and then as you come to a conclusion about it, you find that other people are having that same realisation?  And suddenly, you’re relieved to find that you’re not the only one, that the topic that you’ve been pondering has been in other people’s thoughts too?

That’s happened to me this past week, and I’m thrilled about it!

January is all about re-evaluation for me… although this year I’ve decided not to put any particular pressure on myself ‘sewlution’-wise (It’s unlikely that I’ll keep it, anyway, and ‘failing’ it will only serve to make me feel bad about myself!) I’ve decided to take action on a couple of things that have been bothering me for a while.

I’ve been coming to the conclusion that my wardrobe and fabric stash need a serious overhaul – I need to simplify, and find items that I really want to wear, that I feel comfortable in, but also fit my ‘aesthetic’. I’ve decided that this year, I want to try to sew myself a ‘capsule wardrobe’ of items that can be mixed and matched with each other in many different combinations, fitting my own aesthetic and needs, and in doing so, hopefully reduce my fabric stash to a manageable state.

Luckily for me, the sewing blog-world is clearly on the same page! Sarai is discussing the capsule wardrobe in her Wardrobe Architect post, Tasha is looking at the way you see your perfect wardrobe, and for my need to reduce my fabric stash, there’s Stashbusting 2014 with Emsewcrazy and Cation Designs, and there’s the Stash diet – I need to do all of it basically! And looking at all the comments on their blogposts, I’m not the only one who feels that way. This is one of the things that I really love about the online sewing community – no matter how you’re feeling, there’s likely to be someone else that is in the same boat, and so you can encourage and support each other. It gives me the warm fuzzies!

So, I’ve decided to start Operation: Capsule Wardrobe – as outlined above, I’m going to sew myself a capsule wardrobe of approcimately sicteen items, using patterns that I already own (or that are gifted to me/I buy with birthday/christmas money) and where ever possible, using fabric from my stash. I don’t think I can really be absolutely strict about this, or at least I won’t be that strict about this, because I really want to make sure that I’m making items that are very interchangeable, so I think there’s going to have to be a bit of a palette going on. (Which basically means I’ll probably have to learn a bit about the ‘colour wheel’ as I know nothing about ‘fashion-y’ shizz like that).

These are the (tentative) sixteen items I’m going to make:

  •  2 x jeans
  •  2 x skirts
  •  3 x tshirts
  •  1 x jumper/sweater
  •  2 x cardigan
  •  2 x shirts
  •  2 x dresses
  •  2 x woven tops

I’m hoping that, if, along with Operation:  Capsule Wardrobe, I join the Stashbusting challenge and the Stash diet, and pay particular attention to Sarai and Tasha’s posts, I should be well on my way to an uncluttered and simple wardrobe, and hopefully, by thinking ahead and planning, and by having a few self imposed constraints on fabric, I should be able to avoid any frivolous makes that don’t get any wear because they’re not very ‘me’.

It’s going to be a bit of a challenge I expect, but I’m actually really looking forward to the prospect!

Now, if only I could work out how to add more hours into the day!


2 thoughts on “Operation: Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Ooh, this sounds like a great plan! I'm not very good at coordinating clothes/outfits, but it would be so amazing to have a capsule wardrobe that works together– imagine how easy it will be to get dressed in the morning!


  2. Yeah, that's my dream! Having a simple wardrobe where everything goes with everything else, so I don't have to think in the morning when I'm getting dressed, but I don't look like a total scruff in jeans, t-shirt and hoodie!

    Confession: I'm totally wearing the jeans, t-shirt, hoodie combo today!


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