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Sewing and Manga

Can you remember the first thing that made you think: ‘I could sew myself clothes!’? I’ve been thinking about this for the past couple of weeks. I often talk about the first thing as being a friend’s declaration that she was making herself a dress to wear to my brother’s wedding, but thinking back, that… Continue reading Sewing and Manga

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Wardrobe Architect Post 2

The more I do these wardrobe architect posts, oddly, the more I wonder about posting them on my blog, because although I would have said that these posts are ‘just’ about clothes, the more I’m starting to realise that my feelings about what I choose to wear, and how I feel in certain clothes, can… Continue reading Wardrobe Architect Post 2

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Wardrobe Architect Post 1

January is just one of those months that I generally find a bit miserable, and neverending! And this January is a little bit more stressful than normal, because we’re in the process of trying to move, so I’m totally behind on blog stuff! I think I’m starting to catch up a little bit now though. … Continue reading Wardrobe Architect Post 1

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Operation: Capsule Wardrobe

SourceThis is not exactly what I think my wardrobe will look like,by the way, it’s just a representative illustration! Do you ever find that sometimes, you can sit and ruminate for a while over something, turning it over in your head, and then as you come to a conclusion about it, you find that other… Continue reading Operation: Capsule Wardrobe